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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

WEB 2.0 Suchtools

Web 2.0 Plattformen: Xing, Facebook, Twitter...

Zeit sich seinen Namen zu sichern, egal ob man schon drin ist oder nicht.

Testen kann man das rasch unter:


Namen eingeben (ohne Umlaute, mit und ohne Bindestrich).

Wie soll man aber alles unter Kontrolle halten?

Nun, da gibts auch Tools die das können - hier eine kurze Beschreibung in englisch von Blah...Blah...Blog..Rantings by Merle:

1) BackTweets.com : A search engine for Twitter. See who's tweeting your links and more. Can also sign up for email alerts of new findings.

2) Addictomatic.com : A little different than the others, you type in a keyword, topic or phrase and out it goes searching the top blogs, news sites, Google, Technorati, Ask, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, Topix and more. You'll be given a personalized results page to bookmark with everything it finds related to your topic.

3) Buzzoo.net : All about Internet buzz, it tracks several different websites to bring you what's "hot" right now.

4) Surchur.com : Search for the latest and greatest on topics that are popular right now. Type in a keyphrase and it searches blogs, social news sites, photo and video sites for your chosen topic.

5) Commentful.Blogflux.com : This service watches for comments on blog posts, Digg, Flickr, and others and notifies you of any findings.

6) AlertRank.com : A better way to organize and sort Google alerts. Get a daily report emailed to you in a spreadsheet format of what it finds.

7) BoardTracker.com : A search engine just for forums. Monitor discussion boards and be notified by email when a thread matching your search terms is discovered. Free to use.

8) Google.com/alerts : I've been using this "secret weapon" for years. Simply type in your name or company name and receive daily emails of results found. They do the work, you receive the links. Free and nice.

9) BrandsEye.com : An online reputation management tool with a real-time, concise overview of your online reputation. Multiple levels of services and pricing available. Starting at $1.00.

10) Twazzup.com : Another Twitter search engine.

11) SiteMention.com : Type in your url and find out what's being said about you. The results returned are gathered from Google Blog Search, Twitter, FriendFeed, YouTube, MySpace, Digg, Delicious and many more.

12) Brandwatch.net : This service tracks your brands, companies, even the competition. Sign up for free weekly updates on any brand. Their detailed reports break down what sites like you, your most talked about features, weekly summary of all blogs and forum activity. Very similar to the old "press clipping" service.

13) Trackur.com : A tool that scans many websites, including blogs, news, image and video sites, forums and notifies you of any mention of your brand, products/services. Easy to use and affordable. Prices vary depending on need, a personal account is just $18.00 a month, corporate account $88.00 a month with other options also available. Try a "personal" account free for 14 days.

14) FiltrBox.com : This one searches online news sources, Twitter and others to find out what's being said about you or your company. Pricing is based on the number of users, but there is a free version that provides "5 filters" and 15 days of what they call "article history".

15) SocialMention.com/alerts : Just like Google Alerts but for social media. Enter your keyword phrase and email address to be notified of any new findings. Searches blogs, microblogs like Twitter, bookmarks, comments, events, images, news, videos and more.

16) BlogPulse.com : A search engine that searches just for data posted to blogs. Enter your keyword, hit submit and off it goes to gather results.

17) BackType.com : Billing itself as a "conversational search engine" they index millions of conversations from social networks, blogs and other social media.

Die Frage ist:

Gibts auch deutsche Dienste???


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